System Admin overview

Your role determines if you can access the System Admin screen. If permitted, You can access the System Admin screen from the Claims menu on the left-hand side. The System Admin screen provides links to various tools you can use to customize the Claims system to meet your needs. Within System Admin, you can access and manage Manual Coverages, Perils, Payment Processing, and Tags.

Manual Coverages

Manual coverages are used to allow users to set reserves and make payments in the event that there is an out of state loss on a personal auto policy, or in the event that the risk or coverage is not included in the policy due to an out of sequence endorsement. On the Manual Coverages screen, you can add, edit, remove, and view manual coverages for your claims system.


A peril is the cause of loss or damage in a loss event. In the system, you can add, edit, and remove perils from the system. When you add perils, they will populate the Cause/Peril dialog box in the Details screen of a claim file.

Payment Processing

On the Payment Processing screen, you can view payment history, manage payment batches, and process payment batches.


Tags are used to flag specific components of a claim and can be used to pull information into various reports. On the Tags Maintenance screen, you can add, edit, and remove tags. When you add tags to the system, they will appear in the Tags dropdown menu of the claim file header and/or exposure file header.