System tag use cases

Given the flexibility of system tags and their use in reporting, the number of use cases are many. Common use cases concern third-party integrations and include:

  • Reporting policy and billing information to mortgagees via InsVista
  • Reporting reinsurance information to MBRe
  • Reporting policy and billing information to agency management systems via IVANS

Schedule item system tag

This system tag will allow you to add a column where you are able to tag schedules of line items. It provides the ability to pull in  information from a line item’s schedule for reports.

To export the schedule of line items to IVANS you must attach values for IVANS Policy Download tag. This means you must have a line item built including a schedule item first. Otherwise you will not be able to see that item in System Tags. To tag the Line Item Schedule IVANS:

  1. Open a Line Item with a Schedule
  2. Navigate to Settings > System Tags
  3. Create a new custom tag configured for schedules
    Ex: Check the Line Item Schedule
  4. Click Done and Search the heading value from the Line Item Schedule
    Ex: Tag the new item
  5. Tag new Items and you’ll see the schedule in the table holding the name of that schedule
    Ex: Search for a heading value from the Line Item Schedule
  6. Enter a value for the Line Item and the value will auto-save

Note to Engineers:

Inspect the database to view persisted data:  Value stored in policy_type_items.scheduledItem under a systemTags JSON-key, matching other system tag storage structure (i.e. {“tag-uuid”: “tag value”})

Engineers can read PR 8893 for more information.