System Tags overview

The System Tags feature is a flexible way to track and report things in BriteCore against BriteCore data.

To access System Tags:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select System Wide, and then select System Tags.

These pages concern the general use of system tags.

Core concepts

Tag types

Tag types are a standard reference to a set of information, such as policy types, sublines, line items, or line item categories.

There are two types of tags in BriteCore:

  • System tag: A hard-coded tag within BriteCore created for a specific case, such as vendor integration.

Note: Those with database access may view a complete list of their site’s custom tags.

  • Custom tag: A tag created by a user.

Note: Those with database access may view a list of their site’s custom tags.

Tag scope

In BriteCore, you can use tags in several ways.

You can apply tags to:

  • Claims.
  • Contacts.
  • Lines, including:
    • A line of business.
    • A policy type.
    • A subline.
    • A line item.
    • A line item category.
    • A supplemental question.
    • A supplemental question option.
    • A line item schedule.
  • Policies.


System tags can be referenced in BriteData for various reporting needs using the applicable tag data point.

Example: The data point Claim System Tags would reference any tags scoped to Claims.

Additional information

To learn more about system tags, see the following articles.