Test password strength

You can check your password strength in the Security tab of the Contacts module. If your password isn’t strong enough, you can take steps to increase its strength.

To test password strength, open the Security tab and:

  1. In the Password box, in the Password Strength section, type the current password. As you type the current password, the Time needed to crack password: progress bar will appear below the Password box, displaying the projected time it would take to crack the password.

    Note: To ensure you’re typing the correct password, select the Show checkbox, and the password you typed will display unmasked in the box.

  2. If the estimated time needed to crack a password is too short, you can create a passphrase. Repeat step 1 to check the passphrase strength.

    Note: A passphrase is a random grouping of words, such as correct horse battery staple. Passphrases are typically stronger than a password. If you want help creating a passphrase, see Generate a passphrase.