Text Messages dashboard overview

The Text Messages dashboard allows carriers to view all text message events sent to a single user from the Enrolled Users Dashboard dashboard or a broadcast message from the User Messages Dashboard with the User Messages Feature. Text messages will also be sent when the user chooses to Set a Payment Reminder or to send their portal code to them during the enrollment process or password reset.

Users must agree to Consent to Text in the app and have a cell phone number type in order to receive text messages.

In the Text Messages dashboard, you can view all text message events, including:

  • Messages sent to a single user from the Enrolled Users dashboard.
  • Messages sent as a broadcast message from the User Messages dashboard.
  • SMS messages sent when the user requests a portal code during enrollment or password reset.

The  Text Messages dashboard is color-coded to highlight the status of text messages: 

  • Red: Text message delivery failed.   
  • No color: Text message delivery succeeded.

To view the Text Messages Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select your company’s tile.
  3. Select Text Messages in the sidebar.

The Text Messages dashboard contains several columns, including:

  • Insured: Name of insured.
  • Phone Number: Displays the cell phone number the text was sent to.
  • Actual Phone Number: Only displays to the superuser (not carrier user).
  • Time/Date of event: The date and time that the text message was sent, in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss am/pm format.
  • Status: Indicates success or failure.
  • Select > and the row will expand to display the details of the message sent.