Titanium Blizzard integration overview

Titanium Blizzard is a Windows application that enables you to print BriteCore deliverables on a local printer.


Using Titanium Blizzard, you can automatically or manually print BriteCore documents locally.


Titanium Blizzard integration benefits:

  • You can print BriteCore deliverables on a local printer.
  • BriteCore maintains the application.


Titanium Blizzard integration considerations:

  • Titanium Blizzard is compatible with only Windows computers.
  • Titanium Blizzard has minimum system requirements.

    Note: For more information about the minimum system requirements, see Table 1.

Table 1: Minimum system requirements.

* Actual performance may vary by machine or virtual machine host.
** We don’t guarantee compatibility with all printers, so it is important to test the print quality.

Supported products

BriteCore supports the Titanium Blizzard Windows application, which includes the following: