Track check numbers

Return Premium check numbers can be counted incrementally starting from 0. Check numbers are applied at the time of export, and the incremental check numbers make it easier to track checks. Currently, tracking check numbers is accomplished by:

  • An API call.
  • A database setting.
  • A database column.

In the UI, the refund-check-counter advanced setting enables or disables counting Return Premium checks incrementally beginning at 0. When enabled, the refund-check-counter advanced setting also allows the system to generate a Refund Exported note when a Return Premium check is issued. The Refund Exported note can be found on the Notes screen of the associated policy, and it records the refund amount, the check number, and the refund reason.

Note: Disabling and enabling the refund-check-counter advanced setting can restart the Return Premium check number counting at 0. If you want to track check numbers, we recommend you contact BriteCore.