Track historical claims

When you transition to BriteCore, you can transfer your existing policies by creating shells of these policies in BriteCore. These policies will be labeled with the status Historical Policies. In the event of a loss, you can create historical claims based on these historical policies. The historical claim functionality allows you to process and manage claims.

Enable historical claims

You must enable the Allow Historical Claims setting to create and manage historical claims.

To enable historical claims:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Claims.
  2. Select the Allow Historical Claims checkbox.
  3. Select Save.

Historical policies

To establish historical policies:

  1. Create a new policy.
  2. If possible, reuse the original policy number.
  3. Set the effective date to no earlier than your first lines effective date.
  4. Select the policy type that corresponds with the type of policy you’re transitioning.
  5. Set the policy status to Historical.

Create and process historical claims

To create and process a historical claim:

  1. Create a new claim.
  2. If possible, reuse the original claim number.
  3. Attach the historical policy.
  4. Update the claim’s status to Historical, Reporting Only.
  5. Add claim information, such as property address and contacts.
  6. Navigate to the Accounting screen. You can enter historical data or you can enter transactions from the present and forward. If you prefer to enter all historical transactions, those transactions must be entered sequentially.
    1. In the Overview section, set reserves for the historical claim.
    2. In the Transactions section, enter payments and recoveries. Change the Transaction Date and add the reserve and payment data.

      Note: To replicate the chronological history, you will need to alternate between entering reserves in the Overview section and entering payments/recoveries in the Transactions section. This is due to the fact that transactions must be entered sequentially.

  7. When applicable, close the claim as you would a standard filing.

Usage considerations

Historical policies and claims are reported in the Historical Claims report. To include the claim information in standard claim reports, change the claim status to something other than Historical, Reporting Only.

To exclude historical claim data from the Agency Experience report specifically, set the agency-experience-include-historical-claims advance setting to False.

Any claim with the status of Historical is not reported to vendors like ISO APLUS and LexisNexis CLUE.