Transform data to JSON for use in Rate Objects

To transform data to JSON for use in Rate Objects:

Important: Use the JSON Key Template for the steps below.

  1. Select File > Make a copy to make a copy of the template.
  2. Verify your JSON syntax key and add more as needed.

Note: If you add more, update your concatenate statement in the result sets E16:G16 and below.

  1. Identify your variables, such as Limits and Categories.
  2. Input or copy and paste your variable data into the variable columns A14:D15 and below and add variables as needed.
  3. Verify your result sets.
  4. Update your concatenate statement.

Copy and paste result set columns

Once you transform your data to JSON, you need to copy and paste each result set column (minus the column headers) in the final Copy/paste to BriteCore column.

To copy and paste result set columns:

  1. Highlight the data you want to copy.
  2. Press Command+C.
  3. Right-click the H17 column, and then, select Paste special > Paste values only.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each result set column.

Change data values

You may need to change your data values.

Example: If you receive a value of 0.35, you may need to change it to 350.

To change data values:

  • In your concatenate statement, in the concatenate formula, multiply the values by 1000.