Troubleshooting Lines for engineers

The information below is to help BriteCore engineers troubleshoot the Lines module.

Which revision is correct?

  • Are they both correct?
    • Problem: Was the Endorsement premium bearing, and did it affect this item?
    • Solution: Sometimes the best way to figure this out is to calculate the rate by hand.
  • Try changing policy_types.useRatingV1.

Is one rating incorrectly?

  • All items go through get_premium_or_rate_it(). As you start stepping through rengine, determine which step in the Rate Chain is incorrect.
  • If it is somehow failing on selected items, it’s going to build_combination at some point. Is the combination correct?
  • After it finds the combination, it goes through get_rate. There is different logic per rateObj in here, but step through and ensure everything makes sense.
  • If everything comes out of get_premium_or_rate_it() and still matches the calculations you did by hand, suspect rounding issues and check for Premium Group interference.

    Note: The rengine can do some wonky stuff with items.

  • Ensure the item gets rated ​when​ it should be rated by verifying that a bad reference doesn’t exist in the Lines setup, where an item rates before it’s actually capable of rating.

To check a policy’s rating:

  1. Open a New Revision for the applicable date.
  2. Re-rate the policy.
  3. Select Save.

Note: If the Rate is now correct, a user may have made changes to the Line.

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. In the Lines menu, select Notes, and then check for any recent updates.

What else can I check?

You can also check to see if:

  • All line items reference the same effective date.
  • A user recently updated any lines of business (Lines > Notes).