UI Update – Premium Records Page Preview

We are excited to announce the Premium Records page within BriteCore will be released the week of 5/23/22 to retain a consistent look across the site.

What’s new/changing?

  • The following page update will be released the week of 05/23/22 to match the existing BriteCore look!
  • The update will not impact the functionality of these pages. See the Resources section for previews of each page.
    • Policy
      • Premium Records Page

How does this impact you?

  • A banner will display on the relevant page to be updated in an upcoming release.
    • The banner can be closed but will display again each time you navigate back to the page.
  • An updated banner will display when the new page is released.
    • Once closed, the banner will not display again.
  • The updated page will provide users with a more streamlined experience when navigating from page to page. 
  • The update will not impact processes or functionality. 
  • An action or setting is not required to enable or disable the new page. When the new page is released, the update will automatically display.

When will the change occur?

  • The page will be released the week of 05/23/22. 
  • Keep an eye on the release notes to see the new UI updates as they are released. 

Where to direct questions?

  • Please contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions


  • The following preview is an example and subject to minor changes prior to release.

Premium Records Page Preview:

Premium Records Page Prior to Changes:

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