Unarchive a contact

If a contact is archived by mistake or needs to be reinstated, you can unarchive it with BriteCore’s Support Tools.

To unarchive a contact:

  1. Navigate to the BriteCore dashboard.
  2. Beneath BriteCore Resources, select Support Tools.
  3. In the Utility section, select Unarchive Records.
  4. Select the Contacts radio button.
  5. In the Contact Name box, type the name of the contact you want to unarchive.
    • Select the correct archived contact name from the dropdown list of matching archived contact names that appears.
  6. Select Unarchive Data.
  7. The Are these details correct? dialog box will open, stating You’re about to restore to the Contacts search screen. Select Yes, Continue to unarchive the contact. Select No, Go Back or the X to return to the Unarchive Records screen without unarchiving the contact.