Underwriter Workbench improvements

Release Date: August 2021

Since it can be time-consuming going back and forth between BriteQuote and the Underwriter Review Summary to review a quote, we added tools to make the process quicker and easier.

Note: These changes affect only administrators and underwriters. Agents won’t see any changes.


When an administrator or underwriter views a quote, they can use the new tools to: 

  • View the Underwriter Review Summary while quoting.
  • Select the Quote Assignee on the Underwriter Review Summary screen.

Note: Administrators and underwriters will no longer be required to search for the quote in the Underwriter Queue to change the assignee.

To view the Underwriter Review Summary while quoting:

  • While creating a quote, in the Creating New Quote sidebar, select Review Quote.

Note: Agents won’t see Review Quote in the Creating New Quote sidebar. 

To assign a quote:

  • On the Underwriter Review Summary screen, in the Quote Assignee dropdown list, select the appropriate assignee.


Please direct any questions to your customer service and support teams.