Update privacy of files and folders

In Attachments, you can update the privacy settings for files and folders if you are in the Provider Administrator portal. To update the privacy of files and folders, access Attachments and:

  1. Select the row of the file or folder you want to update privacy settings for. The Move, Rename, More Info, Privacy, and Delete buttons will appear.

    Note:To locate a file, you can open the corresponding folders or subfolders that contain the file. You can also search for a file; see Search for a file or folder.

  2. Select Privacy. The Toggle Privacy pop-up window will open, asking Are you certain you want to toggle privacy on these file(s) and/or folder(s)?
  3. Select Yes to change the privacy settings. If the file or folder wasn’t locked before, selecting Yes will lock the attachment, which will hide the attachment from everyone except the person who created it. If the file or folder was locked before, selecting Yes will open the attachment so everyone can view it. If you select No or X, you will return to the Attachments screen without updating the privacy settings.