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BriteLine Event: Updated Risk Type State

BriteLines emits events using BriteEvents in response to changes that occurred in the system.

Event name


Event description

This event is emitted when Risk Type State is updated in response to a change in a product.

A Risk Type is a collection of a data fields, coverages, and rating logic that models a real-world entity, such as a vehicle, home, or person, while a Risk Type State is JSON representation of a Risk Type for a given product and version. It contains information regarding a Risk Type’s entities (fieldsrate_tablescalculations, and items), as well as its Line. The Risk Type State is used by the rating engine to rate a risk, as well as in quoting to display information about fields and items.

Example payload

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  "product_name": "generalAutoCW",
  "version": "665df7eb-35e0-4519-b2ce-6b9823ccaf6b",
  "risk_type_name": "drivers"