Updates to the Policyholder and Provider Administrator portals and web redesign

Policyholder portal

Email confirmation

The confirmation email process during enrollment has changed. All emails will need to be confirmed even if the email came from BriteCore. The user will receive a confirmation code by email and must enter it to complete the enrollment process.

Email notifications

The policy number will appear on the following notifications:

  • File is uploaded to Documents
  • Property photo is uploaded
  • AutoPay has been changed

Text message confirmation

A new Consent to Text Messages section has been added to the Setup Account enrollment screen and Account Settings screen. A pop-up message will display when the user chooses Accept.


Provider Administrator portal

User Messages

Attachments can be added to Single and Broadcast messages when one of the delivery channels is Email.











The User Messages dashboard has been updated:

  • An N in Channels and Delivered Channels columns now indicates that the message was sent/received as an App Notification.





Web version redesign


The Payments card no longer displays links. If there is a payment that is due or overdue, a Make Payment button displays. Select the Make Payment button to display the Make Payment screen. If there are no amounts due, a Payment Plans button displays. Select the Payment Plans button to display the Payment Plans screen.