Update your payment plan

If your provider allows, you can set your payment plan to a monthly or annual schedule. If your provider doesn’t allow it, a message displays on the screen: Payment Plan Change not allowed.

To update your payment plan:

  1. Access the My Payments screen.
  2. Under Payment Plan, select Payment Plan / AutoPay.
  3. Select Current Term or Next Term.
    • The Next Term button doesn’t appear if you haven’t renewed your policy.
    • If you change the payment plan for the next term, it doesn’t affect the current term.
    • If you change the payment plan for the current term, it automatically transfers to the next term unless you update it.
    • You can change your payment plan at any time.
  4. Above the line Payments being made by <your name> – (Named Insured), select the Payment Plan schedule. The options are:
    • Monthly Payments
    • Monthly (EFT) Payments
    • Annual Payments
  5. Select Save Changes.
  6. A Payment Plan dialog box displays: Are you sure you want to change your billing schedule? Select OK.
  7. A Done pop-up window displays: Billing schedule changed. Select OK.