Upload an asset to a folder

BriteDocs allows you to upload image files directly to your folders. Image files are called assets in BriteDocs. Assets can include custom graphics, signatures, images, and logos. BriteDocs supports all image file types for assets.

To upload an asset to a folder:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Documents.
  2. Under Explore Templates, select a folder to open it.
  3. Select a template row to open the Documents menu.
  4. In the Documents menu, right-click the Global Assets folder to open the folder’s submenu.
  5. Select Upload an asset.
  6. In the Upload a New Asset dialog box, select in the Drag & Drop a File, or Click Here section. Your system’s File Explorer or Finder dialog box displays.
  7. Navigate to the image you want to upload and select it.
  8. Select Open.
  9. In the Upload a New Asset dialog box, type a new file name in the File Name box if you want to rename the image file.
  10. Select Save.

You have successfully uploaded an image to the folder.