Upload CSV to Commission Payment Queue

If commission payments aren’t automatically pulled into the Commission Payment Queue, you will need to upload a .csv of commission payments before you can process the commission payments.

To upload a .csv:

  1. Navigate to Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments.
  2. In the Commission Payment Queue, select Upload CSV. The Upload CSV dialog box will open.
  3. Select the Download Sample Template link.
  4. Overwrite the template with your data and save the document.
  5. Return to the Upload CSV dialog box and select Choose File.
  6. Search for the .csv file you saved, and double-click it or select Open.
  7. Select Upload. If there is an error in uploading the file, an error message will populate and provide an explanation for the failed upload. If the upload is successful, the Message pop-up window will open, saying:

    Commission payments successfully imported.

  8. Select OK. The data you added to the template will now populate the Commission Payment Queue.