Upload files

In the Provider Administrator portal you can upload new files in Attachments. In the Agent portal, you can upload new files if the advanced setting agent-display-file-attachment-button is set to True. See Agent display file attachment button. To upload files, access Attachments and:

  1. Select the Upload Files button. The Upload Files dialog box will open.
  2. Drag the files you want to upload to the Upload Files dialog box or select inside the dialog box to open your files via Windows Explorer or Finder. Select the file you want to upload, and then select Open.
  3. Select OK to complete the upload. If you select X, you will return to the Attachments screen without uploading the file(s) you selected.

Usage consideration

With the attachmentsuploaded advanced setting, you can determine who to notify when new attachments are uploaded. To determine who is notified, type the email address(es) in the attachmentsuploaded box.