Use Persistent Builder

Persistent Builder (PB) is a tool used to update policies when they fail to renew due to moving to a new lines effective date.

Note: Clients can avoid PB by using builder diff mapping.

Line item statuses

In PB, there are several line item statuses:

  • Rejected (red): A line item BriteCore was unable to find in the new policy type.
  • Incomplete (orange): A line item that failed to copy but is mandatory for the new policy type, or a line item that partially copied. These line items need to be reviewed and will likely require the input of new information.
  • Pending Review (green): A line item that copied successfully but should be reviewed.
  • Complete (white): A line item that has been reviewed.


Using the Conflict Resolver toolbar at the top of the page, you can:

  • Resolve rejected line items (red).
  • Resolve incomplete line items (orange).
  • Resolve pending line items (green).

Resolve rejected line items (red)

Note: If needed, read the appropriate line item.

To resolve a rejected line item:

  • Select the line item, and then, on the Conflict Resolver toolbar, select Mark As Resolved.

Resolve incomplete line items (orange)

To resolve an incomplete line item:

  • Review the line item and complete any missing limit, category, or supplemental question information.

Resolve pending line items (green)

To resolve a pending line item:

  • Review the line item.

Why policies fail

Policies typically fail to renew because the policy type on the revision doesn’t match the line items.

Deductible option in Persistent Builder

BriteCore allows for deductibles to change their value when altered over a lines effective date without triggering PB. If a coverage’s current deductible amount is no longer the value for the new line item’s Deductible Rate Object, the next closest value will be selected. If there are two values equidistant from the current value, preference is given to the larger amount.

When the deductible setting is off, if the old item’s deductible isn’t an option in the new item’s setup, PB will conflict with the deductibles. When the setting is on, the new value will be derived automatically.

To enable the deductible setting:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Lines.
  3. On the Lines screen, in the Persistent Builder Options section, select the following options:
    1. Exclude Supplemental Questions
    2. Derive deductible selection when previous selection is removed