Use unbound options



The use-unbound-options advanced setting can be used to display multiple unbound options on the Submit screen of an application/quote in BriteQuote. The unbound options that display must be configured before you enable the use-unbound-options advanced setting. The unbound options you configure can provide an explanation for why an application/quote is submitted unbound and if payment is required. When an agent selects an unbound option, the selection will be recorded in:

  • The Application Submission Type subsection of the policy’s Overview section.
  • The Policy Application note that’s generated when an application is submitted.
  • The email notification sent out to designated recipients when an application is submitted from BriteQuote and when an application is submitted unbound from BriteQuote.


The use-unbound-options advanced setting requires True and False buttons.

Setting default

By default, the use-unbound-options advanced setting is set to False, so additional unbound options won’t display on the Submit screen of an application/quote. An agent can only choose to submit an application bound or to submit an application unbound.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for use-unbound-options. Change the setting to True. Now, when an agent is on the Submit screen of an application/quote and is submitting an application/quote unbound, the agent will have more than one option to choose from.

Adoption considerations

You must configure your unbound options before they can be displayed when the advanced setting use-unbound-options is enabled. You can configure these options with your BriteCore content analyst.