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User Actions dashboard overview

The User Actions dashboard allows you to view all actions performed by an Insured in the Policyholder portal.

To access the User Actions dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select tile.
  3. Select User Actions on the sidebar.

In the User Actions dashboard, you can:

Table 1 shows a sample of the user actions visible to the Provider administrator.

Table 1: Sample user actions.

User Action Action Logged
Deleted a claim photo

User deleted claim photo.

Uploaded a claim photo
User uploaded a photo to an existing claim and updated the claim.
Updated contact photo
User updated and saved a contact photo.
Uploaded a contact photo
User uploaded and saved a contact photo.
Filed a claim
User created and submitted a claim.
Added a bank account payment method

User added and saved a bank account payment method. 

Added a credit card payment menthod
User added and saved a credit card payment method.
Made a payment
User made a payment.
Deleted a payment method
User deleted a payment method.
Changed payment plan
User changed the payment plan.
Downloaded E-Delivery report
User downloaded the E-Delivery report.
Uploaded a property photo
User uploaded and saved a property photo.
Deleted a property photo
User deleted a property photo.