Validate commission changes after agency changes

When a policy undergoes an agency transfer, commission amounts for a policy could appear duplicated under some circumstances. The individual agency reports generated when commissions are exported are driven by CommissionAccounting.export_date. If commissionable actions are encountered after an agency transfer occurs, prior commissions (even for prior terms) may be recalculated to ensure that the proper recipient is awarded amounts due.

To verify the commissionable amounts are accurate, remember that for clients that pay out on paid premium, these numbers should match payment totals minus prorated custom fees on the term.

In times where an agency change causes recalculation of commissions, it is likely that a negative amount is introduced to remove commissionable amounts from one agency and award them to another. However, these “debits” are not automatically exported. They must be manually entered via the Manual Commission Adjustments section of the Pending Commission Payments screen. Agencies with un-exported pending negative commission balances will appear in the drop-down there. Until these adjustments are exported, commission amounts may appear duplicated, as the carrier has record of separate payouts of commissions on the same policy to two different agencies, without a reimbursement from one agency.