Vehicle Details overview

The Vehicle Details screen contains additional information about the involved vehicle. Each involved vehicle will have a Vehicle Details screen. On this screen, you can manage vehicle information, occupants, damage information, fault information, and, for third-party vehicles, insurance information. You can access the Vehicle Details screen by selecting:

  • The vehicle link from the table on the Vehicles screen.
  • The vehicle link in the Loss /Injury column of an exposure on the Exposures screen.
  • The Vehicle tab of an exposure file.
  • Either the Owner, Driver, or Passenger role link on the Parties screen, followed by selecting the associated vehicle link.

You can navigate to sections on the Vehicle Details screen by scrolling or by selecting a link from the right menu. To return to the Vehicles screen, select the ← Vehicles link.

Figure 1: View of the Vehicle Details screen.

Actions you can complete from the Vehicle Details screen