View a property location

You can view the location of a property by its geographic coordinates or on a map.

To view a property location:

  1. Select Policies.
  2. On the Policy Search screen, search for and select a policy to open the policy.
  3. Select the Property tab to view all properties included under the policy by date added.
  4. Navigate to the desired property.
  5. In the Geographic Location section, view the property’s Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
  6. View the property’s location map. Select View Larger Map to open the map in the Large Map dialog box. To adjust your view of the map, select + to zoom in or to zoom out.

Note: If the advanced setting load-property-map is set to false in your company’s instance of BriteCore, select Open Map to view the location map of any property. To hide the map, select Close Map.