View coverage from an exposure

An exposure is a combination of a claimant, risk, and coverage. From the Exposures screen, you can view the coverage associated with the exposure.

To view the coverages from the Exposures screen, access the claim you want to view coverages for, and:

  1. Select the Exposures tab to open the Exposures screen.
  2. Navigate to the claimant associated with the exposure you want to view coverages for and select anywhere in the claimant row, except for the name link. The Exposure tree will open.
  3. Identify the coverage you want to view.
  4. Select the Exposure ID and Coverage Name you want to view. The Exposure Details screen will open.
  5. On the Exposure Details screen, you can view or edit the Exposure Loss Description. You can also view the following read-only sections, which are inherited from the claim file: Coverage Information, Loss Information, Loss Location, Cause/Peril, and Onsite Services.

Usage considerations

The Coverage Information section is populated with information from the policy on which the claim is filed. The Loss Information, Loss Location, Cause/Peril, and Onsite Services sections are all populated with information added in the claim.