View enrolled users

In the Enrolled Users dashboard, you can view everyone who has enrolled in the Policyholder portal.

To view enrolled users:

  1. Go to the Enrolled Users dashboard.
  2. View the total number of enrolled users in the top left corner: Enrolled Users (N).
  3. Scroll to view enrolled users’ details.
  4. Search for users by name or user login.

Note: Pagination reduces load times on the dashboard.

The Enrolled Users dashboard contains several columns, including:

  • Name: Enrolled users’ names.
  • User Login: Enrolled users’ login names.
  • Preferred Language: Enrolled users’ preferred languages in the Policyholder portal.
  • Registration Date: The date a user registered, formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.
  • E-Delivery: Indicates whether an enrolled user has opted in for E-Delivery. Yes means the user has elected to receive paperless communication. No means the user wants to receive hard copies of their documents.
  • Email Confirmed: Indicates whether an enrolled user has verified their email. Yes means the user confirmed their email. No means the user hasn’t confirmed their email. A number will indicate how many emails were confirmed out of how many the account has; for example, 1 of 2 means one out of two emails were confirmed. Email confirmation is important to ensure successful eDelivery.
  • Actions:  Select More dropdown for the following options: