View installment schedule

You can view and open the installment schedule from two separate locations on the Billing Overview tab of the Accounts Receivable screen. The Installment Schedule link appears in the Balance Details section and the Account History section.

To view the installment schedule:

  1. Select the Installment Schedule link in either location. The Installment Schedule dialog box will open. The Installment Schedule displays the following information:
    • Due date: The due date of each installment invoice.
    • Premium: The amount of premium billed for each installment.
    • Fees: The fee amount billed for each installment.
    • Total: The total amount billed for each installment.
    • Total Written Premium: The amount of total written premium billed for the entire policy term.
  2. Select Done to close the Installment Schedule dialog box.

View revisions

Revisions made on a policy will display in the Installment Schedule dialog box. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Installment Schedule displaying that a revision was made to the policy.

To view the revisions made:

  1. Select the open icon next to Revision Made. The Information tab of the policy will open in a new window.
  2. Under Revision in the policy header, you can either:
    • Use the arrows to navigate through revisions made to the policy.
    • Select the Show Revision History link.