View payment history

In the Payment Run History view of the Payment Processing screen, you can view the payment history. You can view a high-level view of the processed batch, or you can view a more detailed account of the payments included within a batch.

To view the high-level view of the processed batch, you can simply view the information included within the Payment Run History table. To view information about the payments included in the batch:

  1. In the Batch ID column, select the Batch ID link you want to view more closely. The Details pop-up window will appear.
  2. View the Details table, which includes the following information:
    • Transaction IDTransaction ID refers to the ID assigned to the payment when it was entered as a transaction in the Accounting screen.
    • Claim/Exposure: The Claim/Exposure column displays the claim and associated exposure the payment was issued on. The claim number and exposure ID is displayed as a link. If you select the link, you will be directed to the claim file’s exposure file’s Details screen.
    • Payee: The Payee column displays the name of the payee on the issued payment.
    • Amount: The Amount column displays the amount of the payment.
    • Entered By: The Entered By column displays the name of the user who entered the payment.
    • Transaction Method: The Transaction Method column displays the type of payment method that was used.