View reinstatement amount

You can view the Reinstatement Amount field in the Balance section of the Accounts Receivable tab so you can make reinstatement payments without manual calculation. Reinstatement Amount will appear if the following are true: 

  • The policy was canceled for nonpayment.
  • The policy was canceled in the past 30 days.

If the policy was canceled more than 30 days ago or was canceled for another reason, Reinstatement Amount won’t appear.

To view the reinstatement amount for a policy:

  1. Select Policies and Quotes.
  2. Navigate to and access the policy you want to reinstate. 
  3. Select Accounts Receivable in the Policy menu.
  4. The Reinstatement Amount displays in the Balance section.

Figure 1: The Reinstatement Amount field shown on a canceled policy.