View the exposure file’s Accounting screen

You can access the exposure file Accounting screen from the Exposures screen. You can also access the exposure file’s Accounting screen from the claim file’s Accounting screen, see Access accounting information for an exposure. You can manage reserves, payments, and recoveries for an exposure in the exposure file’s Accounting screen, which allows you to manage accounting information for that specific exposure.

To access the Exposure Accounting, access the desired claim, and:

  1. From the claim file, select the Exposures tab to open the Exposures screen.
  2. Navigate to the claimant associated with the desired exposure and select anywhere in the claimant row, except the Name link. The Exposure tree will open.
  3. Select the amount link in the Reserve or Payment columns to be directed to the Exposure Accounting screen.
  4. On the Exposure Accounting screen, you will see the Exposure Accounting Summary table and the Transactions table for both standard reserves/payments and recovery reserves/recoveries.