View the Underwriter Queue

The Underwriter Queue enables underwriters to efficiently perform underwriter reviews. To access the Underwriter Queue:

  1. Select Policies and Quotes.
  2. In the Policies menu, select Underwriter Queue.

Search and filter the Underwriter Queue

You can use the Search box to search for the following criteria:

  • Quote number
  • Named insured
  • Policy type
  • Agency
  • Submit date
  • Status
  • Assignee

You can also filter by the quotes’ statuses and the dates they were submitted for review. To filter the quotes:

  1. Under the Search box, select Filters.
  2. From the Status dropdown list, select a status to filter the search results.
  3. In the Submitted for Review Date box, type of select a date.

The filters will appear to the right of the Filters button. To clear a filter, select the X beside the filter.

Assign an underwriter

To assign an underwriter to a quote, select an underwriter from the dropdown list in the Assignee column for the quote.