View transaction details

Transaction Details can be viewed in the Account History section of the Billing Overview tab on the Accounts Receivable screen.

To view transaction Details:

  1. Select Policies and Quotes in the BriteCore menu.
  2. On the Policies List screen, select an active policy with no open revisions or endorsements to open it.
  3. Select Accounts Receivable.
  4. In the Account History table, select the gray arrow to the left of an invoice, payment, waiver, or return premium transaction.

Transaction Details contains a description of the transaction and the policy status. Additional information depends on the type of transaction:

  • Invoice Details contains the Bill Date, Due Date, Cancel Date, and whether or not the invoice was Paid In Full. Invoice Details also contains the amount of Premium, Installment fees, and Custom fees due.
    • The Bill Date is the expected date of issuance and is typically the date the system prints and mails the invoice. If the expected date of issuance is on a holiday or weekend, the system prints and mails the invoice on the next business day. The Bill Date also appears in the Processed column on the Account History table.
  • Payment Details contains the Payment Amount, Payor, Payment Method, Payment Source, Payment Status, Confirmation Number, and a Premium Overview Snapshot.
  • Waive Details contains who the waiver was Generated By and a Premium Overview Snapshot.
  • Return Premium Details contains who the return was Generated By, who the return was Paid To, and a Premium Overview Snapshot.

Depending on the type of transaction, Details also has buttons to:

  • Waive System Fees.
  • Edit and Reprint an invoice.
  • Mark a payment as Non-Sufficient Funds.
  • Void a waiver or payment.