View additional details on each user action

In the User Actions dashboard, you can view additional details on each user action.

To view additional details:

  1. Go to the User Actions dashboard.
  2. Scroll to a user action.
  3. In the last column, select the arrow to reveal more details.

Table 1 shows a sample of the user actions and corresponding details visible to the Provider administrator.

Table 1: Sample user action details.

User Actions Details
Uploaded a claim photo
  • Details
    • Caption
    • Filename
  • App Version
Added a bank account payment method
  • Message
  • ACH bank
  • ACH type
  • ACH Account
  • ACH Name ON
  • ACH Routing
  • App version
Deleted a payment method
  • App Version
Uploaded a document
  • File Name
  • File Type
  • Folder Name
  • App Version
Changed payment plan
  • New Plan
  • Old Plan
  • App Version

Select More dropdown for the following options:

  • Send Message to User
  • Superuser Login
  • Resend Confirmation Email