View the Charts and Graphs dashboard

In the Charts and Graphs dashboard, you can view Application Activity, Emails Delivered by Month, and User Enrollment Totals. Application Activity contains several graphs including insight into application versions, browser types, user languages, and document delivery types.

To view the Charts and Graphs dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select <your company> tile.
  3. Select Charts and Graphs in the sidebar.
  4. Select a time period from the Time Period dropdown list. The options are:
    • All available data
    • 6 Months
    • 3 Months
    • 1 Month
  5. To view data on the Application Activity pie chart, select the Available Graphs dropdown list under the chart. The options are:
    • Application Activity: Displays different activity types across BriteApps.
    • Application Versions: Displays mobile versus web activity levels.
    • Browser Types: Displays browsers used to open the web version.
    • User Languages: Displays user languages (English and Spanish).
    • Document Delivery Types: Displays document delivery types of Paperless and Printed.
  6. To view data on the Emails Delivered By Month graph, select the Available Graphs dropdown list under the graph. The options are:
    • Emails Delivered By Month
    • User Enrollment By Month
    • Messages Sent By Month
    • Paperless Enrollment by Month: This graph displays the number of times Go Paperless was selected during enrollment or after already enrolled. The data won’t reflect the past Go Paperless selections.
  7. The User Enrollment Totals graph displays user enrollment totals by month. There are no additional filters beyond the Time Period dropdown list options.
  8. Hover over the pie wedges, bars, or data dots to view the related metrics.