View email events

In the Emails dashboard, you can view all email events triggered in the Policyholder portal with the relevant details associated with each.

The Emails dashboard is color-coded to highlight the status of emails. 

  • Red: Email delivery has  failed.  
  • Beige: Email has been accepted but isn’t yet confirmed.
  • No color: Email delivery is successful.

For emails that are sent to more than one person (agent, agency, carrier staff), the status indicates worst-case scenario prioritizing failed emails:

  • Red: 1 email delivery failed.
  • Beige: 1 email delivery accepted and none failed.
  • No color: All emails were successfully delivered.

To view Email events:

  1. Go to the Emails dashboard.
  2. Scroll to view email events and details.

The Emails dashboard contains several columns, summarized in Table 1:

Table 1: Emails dashboard columns.