View invoices and payments

You can view your invoices and payments in the Policyholder portal. The Payment Schedule screen displays the amount paid, date paid, and Invoice. The invoice buttons are color-coded:

  • Red: Overdue invoices
  • Green: Paid Invoices
  • Blue: Payment details
  • Grey: All other invoices

To view invoices and payments:

  1. Access the My Payments screen.
  2. Under Payment Plan, select Payment Schedule.
  3. Scroll to view your payments, dates, and status.
  4. Select the individual status to view the invoice. If the status is:
    • Paid (Green button): A PDF of the invoice displays.
    • Overdue (Red button):  A PDF of the invoice displays.
    • Payment: A Payment Details pop-up window displays and shows the:
      • Description
      • Policy Status
      • Payment Amount
      • Payor
      • Payment Method
      • Payment Status
      • Confirmation Method