Void a payment

You can void a payment on a claim in the Accounting screen of the claim. First, ensure the claim is not closed. If the claim is closed, change the status to Reopened. See Set and update claim status. To void the payment, access the claim and:

  1. Select Accounting from the claim menu.
  2. Navigate to and select the Transactions collapsible box. The Transactions box will open.
  3. In the Payments table, locate the payment that you want to void.
  4. Select the red X next to the payment you want to void. A Confirm pop-up window will open asking Are you certain you want to void this payment?
  5. Select Yes to void the payment. If you select No, you will return to the payment table without voiding the payment.
  6. When you void the payment, it will appear in the Payments table of the Transactions section with a red line through the payment entry.

Figure 1: Voided payment in the Payments table.

Usage considerations

When you void a payment, the following will occur:

  • In the Losses Incurred section, BriteCore will write a new row that subtracts the payment amount from Losses Paid and adds the payment amount back to the reserve in the Change in Reserve column.
  • In the Overview section, for the appropriate coverage, BriteCore will add the payment amount back to the Reserve column and subtract the amount from the Paid to Date column. The Subtotal row for the Reserve and Paid to Date columns will update accordingly.
  • In the Claims Payments report, BriteCore will create a separate row for the voided claim payment that shows the voided amount as a negative in the corresponding loss type column. A Voided column will indicate if the payment was voided. Losses Incurred and Premium Earned to Losses Incurred will update accordingly.