Billing – Void return premium replaces delete return premium

Release date: August 2021

Currently, you can delete exported return premiums from the Accounts Receivable screen in BriteCore.

However, we made the following changes:

  • Removed the option to delete an exported return premium.
  • Added the option to void an exported return premium.

Note: Now that the void a return premium functionality is live, you can no longer delete a return premium in BriteCore.

Reasons for change

The functionality to void an exported return premium replaced the option to delete a return premium for the following reasons:

  • To improve data transfers with certain thrid-party vendors. The ability to delete a return premium before and after it’s exported complicates BriteCore’s ability to send transaction details via API to certain vendors.
  • To document all accounting history.

Deleting versus voiding return premiums

Deleting and voiding return premiums are similar but not quite the same.

Delete a return premium

Deleting a return premium removes all of its information as if it never existed.

Note: Once all of the return premium’s information is removed, you can’t go back to see the associated transactions.

Once you delete a return premium, BriteCore:

  • Removes the return premium transaction from the Return Premium Queue and the Account History table.
  • Reverts the Trailing Balance amount in the Account History table to the amount that existed before the return premium was issued.
  • Adds the amount of the deleted return premium as a credit in the Balance Details section.
  • Generates the following Account History Row Deleted note on the policy’s Notes screen:
    The <Return Premium Date> Return Premium was deleted.

Note: When you delete a return premium, BriteCore behaves as if the transaction never occurred.

Void a return premium

The new void functionality allows you to:

  • Void a return premium, which removes it.
  • Access the return premium’s digital trail, which remains after the return premium is voided.

One of the biggest advantages of voiding a return premium over deleting it is the digital trail voiding the return premium leaves behind.

Keeping a digital trail offers several benefits, including:

  • User accountability.
  • Event reconstruction.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Problem identification.

Next steps