Willis Towers Watson/e2Value – Structure Insurance Score

Release Date: January 2021

The Willis Towers Watson’s Structure Insurance Score (SIS) integration provides a series of insurance scores. Administrators and agents who write homeowners insurance can use this integration to determine the score of an insured structure.

The insurance scores are based on:

  • Address information.
  • Location information.
  • e2Value, Inc. location details.


The SIS integration is an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be:

  • Called from a customer’s system.
  • Used to return insurance score values based on the provided address.


You can use the insurance scores to refine existing rating calculations, resulting in more comprehensive ratings.

Adoption considerations

When you turn on the SIS integration, it starts:

  • Retrieving scores in the backend.
  • Using the Lines module to:
    • Pull returned scores from the database.
    • Customize how each client uses the score.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team. Customer service and support teams can direct their questions to #pd-extensibility-int.

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