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This page is a guide for creating a new template for each product.

Template setup


Templates names should follow the following formula:

[PRODUCT NAME] – Post template

Note: The product name should be in all caps.

Base template

Templates should use the ##BASE product post template as a base.

Template labels

Gen labels will only apply to Gen 3 documentation. There won’t be a Gen label on any Gen 2 documentation or documentation for products where a Gen label doesn’t apply (e.g., BriteApps).

Create a template based on a tag

To create a template based on a tag:

    1. On the Dashboard, select Templates > Theme Builder.
    2. On the Theme Builder screen, select Add New.
    3. In the New Template dialog box, complete the following steps:
      1. In the Select the type of template you want to work on dropdown list, select Single.
      2. In the Select Post Type dropdown list, select Post.
      3. In the Name your template box, type the name of the template based on the section tag.
      4. Select Create Template.
    4. In the Library dialog box, complete the following steps:
      1. Select My Templates, navigate to the template you want to use, and then, select Insert.
      2. In the Import Document Settings dialog box, select No.
    5. On the Elementor page editor, below the header Search box, select the breadcrumb trail.
    6. In the Edit Text Editor sidebar, in Content > Text Editor, replace the breadcrumbs with the appropriate titles and links.
    7. In the bottom-left of the screen, select Publish, and then select Display Conditions.
    8. In the Publish Settings dialog box, in the Include box, complete the following steps:
      1. Select Post > In Tag.
      2. Select All, and then type the name of the applicable tag, and then select the tag from the list.
      3. Select Save & Close.

Important: You must add the correct Display Condition for the template to apply to the correct page or post.

Products with only Gen 2 documentation

These products are only Gen 2 and/or won’t have Gen 3 documentation for a long time:

  • Billing (Abby)
  • Reports (Maliha)
  • Contacts (Angela)

Products with Gen 2 and/or Gen 3 documentation

These products have Gen 2 and Gen 3 documentation:

  • Policies (Abby)
  • Quote (Abby)
  • Claims (Angela)
  • Lines (Adam)
  • Rules (Adam)
  • Documents (Maliha)
  • Access (Adam)

Products where the Gen labels don’t apply

The Gen 2 / 3 labels don’t apply to these products:

  • BriteApps (Maliha)
  • APIs (Maliha)
  • Attachments
  • BriteAuth (Katie)
  • Notes
  • Integrations (Abby)

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