Write off custom fee

On the Accounts Receivable screen, you can write off custom fees billed to a policy. To write off custom fees, navigate to the Accounts Receivable screen of the policy you want to write off fees for, and:

  1. Navigate to the Account History section of the Billing Overview tab.
  2. Select the Write-off Custom Fee link. The Write-Off Custom Fee dialog box will open.
  3. In the Amount to write off box, the total amount of custom fee billed will display by default. To change the amount, type the amount in the box or use the arrows to decrease or increase the amount of custom fee to write off.
  4. In the Reason for Custom Fee Write-Off, type the reason for writing off the fee.
  5. Select Submit. A message will display at the top of the screen:

    Write off stored successfully.

Usage considerations

  • If you select the Write-off Custom Fee link and there are no custom fees billed to the policy, a Message pop-up window will open with the following message:

    There are no outstanding custom fees on this policy term to write off.

  • If you write off custom fees after a policy is already paid through the term, the amount written off will appear as a credit on the policy. If you choose to issue a return premium with the credit, see Manually issue a return premium on a policy with a credit.
  • When you waive custom fees, a transaction will be added to the Account History table, and the transaction type will be Waive.